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Welcome to the All Movie Monsters WikiEdit

This Wiki is about most monsters from TV and Movies, Such as "Gremlins", "The Terminator", "Hobgoblins", "Star Wars", and more. You can help this Wiki by adding new pages and editing pages. You need to use correct spelling, Correct Grammar, and more correct things when a page. We Need tons of pages also.


  • No Swearing! (Put something like "[Bleep]" if it's a quote with a swear word)
  • If someone is bullying you on this wiki, notify an admin so the admin can notify the Founder of this wiki and he'll decide what to do.
  • Any admin that blocks someone should notify the founder. (He won't take your admin away).
  • Notify the founder or an admin if there's a problem on this wiki.

Pages we need to make!Edit

  • Smaug - From "he Hobbit: Distillation Smaug"
  • Hulk - From "The Incredible Hulk".
  • Green Goblin - From "Spider-Man" (2002).
  • Godzilla
  • King Kong
  • Goblins (The Hobbit) - From "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"
  • Some dinosaurs from "Jurassic Park", "Jurassic park 2" and Jurassic Park 3.
  • And more...

Some human characters are allowed on this wiki.

Don't be afraid to make any of these pages just because there here and need to be made. The founder will edit this homepage section when whatever page(s) is made. 

What type of monsters can I put on this wikiEdit

You can put many types of monsters on this wiki. Sometimes even videogame monsters (But none from rated M games, if any pages of monsters from rated M games, page will be deleted!)

Pages we haveEdit

Venom - Spider-man 3







The Terminator

and more...


This isn't complete, yet. But this thing is on the homepage for Navigation!

Gremlins - Gizmo - Stripe - Brain Gremlin - Daffy - Lenny - George -
The Terminator - The Terminater - T-X Terminater -
Dr. Who - Slitheen - Blathereen - Weeping Angels -Tetraps -
Mighty Med - Heroes: Lizard Man - Gray Granite - Brain Matter - Experion - Villains: Megahertz - Dawg - Experion - Crimson Demon - Dr. Wrath -
Star Wars - Darth Vader - Grebleips - Rancor -
Men in Black - Edgarbug - Mikey -
Cryptoids and Real Creatures - Mothman - Slender Man -
Muppets - Muppets: - Constantine - Fraggle Rock: - Gobo - Wembley - Boober - Red - Mokey - The Dark Crystal: - SkekSès -
Others - Oogie Boogie - Grumpy - Slimer - Jojo the Klownzilla -

For more Monsters go to List of All Movie Monsters Wiki's Monsters. Admins and staff (and the founder) may only edit this section. Founder's question: Admins and staff members, can you please complete this navigation box and make other navigation boxes in pages on this wiki? - Tobi.miltenberger (talk)


We have some plans, like for a start: after we list all the pages we have on this wiki under the section on the home page "Pages we have", we'll change the section name of "Page we have" to the name "Guide".

We plan on putting more new pictures for the badges, also.

We plan on allowing some wiki's to be advertised in Blogs under Founder's permission, like:

and more...

Photos of our MonstersEdit

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