The gremlin drank an animal bat DNA serum in the laboratory and transformed into a bat-like gremlin creature, whereupon the Brain Gremlin injects him with genetic sunblock and sends him out flying to see if the sun is still out and to wreck some havoc.

Later, the Bat Gremlin sits on a cathedral and gets in a conflict with Murray Futterman who is on the street below with his wife. Futterman fights the Bat Gremlin a bit, getting clawed at one point, and finally manages to get a hold of the creature's feet and shoves it down onto some wet cement before pouring some more cement on the creature. Despite being drenched with wet cement, the Bat Gremlin manages to get up and flies away, landing on a small tower on the cathedral's roof, where the cement finally hardens and practically turns him into a gargoyle.

Bat-Gremlin Stone Gargoyle

As the Gargoyle Gremlin

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