• Tobi.miltenberger

    I'm Back!

    October 8, 2015 by Tobi.miltenberger

    I'm back from a long vacation. I've found some really good monsters to put on this wiki since I'm starting to read Rick Riordan's books, such as Percy Jackson and the Olympians, part of PJO, Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, and Magnus Chase and the God of Asgard.

    While gone, I found some great monsters to add. I've got them listed from the Percy Jackson world (from some other sources, and from a internet show called Good Mythical Morning, I'll put a video in the gallery of these monsters). But please don't edit unless you've explored and understood the Percy Jackson world by going to the Riordan Wiki. There are (from the Percy Jackson World) Typhon, Tyson, The Sphinx, Set Animal, Porphyrion, Polybotes, Periboia, Mrs. O'Leary, Medusa, Ladon…

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  • Tobi.miltenberger


    August 15, 2014 by Tobi.miltenberger

    This something I'm trying out to help the homepage!

    Gremlins - Gizmo - Stripe - Brain Gremlin - Daffy - Lenny - George -
    The Terminator - The Terminater - T-X Terminater -
    Dr. Who - Slitheen - Blathereen - Weeping Angels -Tetraps -
    Mighty Med - Heroes: Lizard Man - Gray Granite - Brain Matter - Experion - Villains: Megahertz - Dawg - Experion - Crimson Demon - Dr. Wrath -
    Star Wars - Darth Vader - Grebleips - Rancor -
    Others - Oogie Boogie - Grumpy - Slimer - Jojo the Klownzilla - Read more >
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