Brain Matter
Brain Matter - Mighty Med

Orginal Form

Brain Matter - Form 2 - Mighty Med

Mutated monster form

is a Superhero/Scientist from Mighty Med.


Brain Matter was a hero who relied on weapons he made, but he grew jealous of superheroes who didn't need weapons, so he created a serum that would give him his own super powers. However, there was a miscalculation with the serum, causing him to turn into a human monster with an appetite of brains like a zombie.

As such he was shrunk down and hidden inside the Freezer of Mighty Med behind the Tofu Pops. Ten years later he was found and freed by Kaz, but still retained his monster form and he was later defeated and refrozen by Kaz and Oliver.

Later, Horace tried an experimental new surgery which brought him back to normal, supposedly giving him the powers of his serum without the side effects. However it didn't work exactly as according to plan, and instead gave him several new powers. Kaz tried to exploit this to help with his science project, however Brain Matter accidentally turned Oliver into a four year old. Later when he tried to fix the process over shot by several decades. He later left Mighty Med, to pay the fine for his car being imponded for all these years.


Brain Matter was a brilliant scientist who made powerful weapons but accidentally turned himself into a monster. Brain Matter did not like to be disturbed while working and beat boxing irritated him the most. After becoming a monster he only cared about eating brains. Later after Frighty Med, Brain Matter was cured by Horace Diaz, who also improved his superpower serum to give him every power he wanted without the savage side affects. He still seems to have trouble using his powers, particularly his Gerontokinesis, but nontheless is still a hero to be reckoned with.


  • Super Intelligence - He is super smart, has a vast memory and he's able to make all kinds of weapons, gadgets etc.
  • Telescopic Vision - After Horace's treatment he is able to see over a distance of multiple miles.
  • Gerontokinesis - After Horace's treament he is able to manipulate the ages of things, able to cause them to get older or younger. However this power began to malfunction leaving him unable to properly control it. It didn't have an affect on the subjects mind only there body, left effects of the power on the object used (i.e. a person continually getting older at an accelated rate if made older) and for an unexplained reason also caused there clothes to grow or shrink depending on there new size.

Former PowersEdit

  • Super Strength - Following drinking his serum he gained superhuman strength. Lost this due to 'Horace's treatment.
  • Disintergration Touch - Following drinking his serum he gained the power to disintergrate things. Lost this due to Horace's treatment.


  • Frighty Med
  • Growing Pains


  • He is a parody of Solomon Grundy from DC Comics or the Hulk from Marvel Comics. He may also be a parody of DC's Batman and possibly Marvel's Iron Man since Batman makes weapons to fight evil and Iron Man as Tony Stark invents things, only that Mighty Med excludes Tony Stark inventing his Iron Man suits. His "eccentric genius" and oversized bowtie may have been inspired by Doctor Who.
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