Crimson Demon - Mighty Med

Crimson Demon as himself

Crimson Demon is a villain in Mighty Med.


Crimson Demon has three brothers, who Tecton defeated and imprisoned in a lower dimension. He came into Logan High School to watch the events unfold that would open the portal and free his brothers. However, just as the portal was opening, Oliver figured out a way to manipulate Timeline's powers to freeze time, giving them a bit more time. Immune to this, Crimson Demon attacked; however, thanks to Timeline predicting his attacks and Skylar Storm's moves, they managed to fight back and imprison him. Skylar kicked him into a drum Oliver and Kaz were holding, and then the two friends threw the Demon into the same portal, thus imprisoning him with his brothers.


He was planning on opening a portal into the lower dimension so he could release his three Demon brothers (Blue Demon, White Demon and Matt Demon) and with them destroy the world.


  • Super Jump - He can jump at high distances.


  • Fire Staff - He can release fire balls from his staff.


  • He has three brothers who didn't make an appearance.
  • He was in a comic book with Tecton.
  • His shoulder blades are his weak spot because his demon parts are there.
  • He is a parody of Red Skull and Dormammu from Marvel Comics.
  • At the school, he was standing on the bleachers in a mascot costume (in front of someone who looked like Laura Marano).
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