"I went to the office and picked him up; just like you said."

"Well, this is NOT Gizmo..!" - Kate and Billy on Daffy the mogwai; Kate mistook the mogwai for Gizmo.

Daffy first appears when Gizmo gets wet and multiplies. He uncurls about six seconds after George and Lenny, unlike the other mogwai's he does not attack Gizmo, instead he plays around and ruins Billy's painting. He is taken back to Billy Peltzer and Kate Beringer's apartment, when Kate mistakes him for Gizmo (Daffy was the only one of the new batch who had a color scheme similar to Gizmo, as the new batch were black and white as opposed to brown and white), Daffy causes a mess in the apartment, where Kate feeds him before midnight (remembering the most important rule), where Daffy was served mashed potatoes, a chicken leg, and corn on the cob. He liked to play with his food more than eating it, throwing most of the food on his plate at Kate. He is taken back to the Clamp Center building by Billy while he tries to find the others before they feed, but he attacks a security guard and escapes (apparently eating the blood of the security guard after midnight or found some food later on). He later reappears in a cooking show, now as a Gremlin, and sits in a boiling pot of noodles while George and Lenny blow up a microwave, setting off a sprinkler system and spawning more Gremlins. He appears briefly dressed as a repairman messing about with the controls for an elevator which actually saved Kate from a bunch of Gremlins in the elevator.

As a Dentist?Edit

"Is it safe?!" - Daffy as a Dentist about to attack Billy

After not showing up for a while Daffy knocks out Billy who is in search for Gizmo, straps him to a chair and attempts to drill and pull his teeth out using dentistry equipment. Murray Futterman comes to Billy's rescue by fending off Daffy with a dentist light.

Last appearanceEdit

Daffy then appears for one last time in the lobby with most of the other Gremlins, seen wearing Groucho glasses (fake nose and sunglasses) right next to the Brain Gremlin. Daffy is then killed by the Electric Gremlin along with the other gremlins, although his death is only seen in a deleted scene where he was on a coffee stand and melts like the others.

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