Dawg - Shark - Mighty Med

Orginal form

Dawg - Mighty Med

Dawg's mutant form

Dawg - Human - Mighty Med

Dawg's Human Form

Dawg is a Shark/Mutant/Human in Mighty Med.

Dawg was Horace Diaz's pet Shark, Horace had spent years trying to genetically engineer him into a man-shark, but always failed.


Following having to go to New York to meet with his superior, Dr. Bridges, Horace left Oliver and Skylar to look after his shark, despite Oliver hating pets and being afraid of sharks. In an incident however to impress Skylar, Oliver tried to feed Dawg a treat, but accidentally dropped the whole box when Dawg lunged at him. The shark ate them all. As they contained a genetically modifying formula, they caused Dawg to hyper evolve into a man-shark hybrid. Who began prowling Mighty Med looking for prey. It managed to eat one doctor and steal his clothing, and badly hurt a assistant.

Formulating a plan to reverse the process, Oliver, Skylar and Alan worked together. While Skylar distracted Dawg, Alan used his telekinesis to grab a DNA sample so they could reverse the mutation. However, Dawg spotted them and attacked Alan. Panicking Oliver managed to save Alan by punching him out. (A smart move, because when you punch a normal shark in the nose, it overwhelms it's acute senses, and is stunned.) Dawg however followed them back to the room with his tank, Horace and Dr. Bridges was there. The hungry man-shark attacked her and tried eat her. However Oliver managed to save her by forcing Dawg to eat even more treats, causing him to once hyper evolve this time into a normal man. Now intelligent, Dawg left to floss his teeth as there were still bits of his victims in them.

Former PowersEdit

  • Shark Physiology - He possessed the powers of a shark.
    • Sharp Teeth - He possed razor sharp teeth which he used to eat people with.
    • Dorsal Fin Projectiles - He was able to remove his Dorsal Fin and use it as a throwing weapon.
    • Limb Regrowth - He possessed the ablity to regenerate body parts, like his dorsal fin in seconds.
    • Underwater Breathing - He was able to breath both in water and on land.


  • Dawg may be a parody of Sharkboy from The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.
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