Deagle Gremlin

The Deagle Gremlin is one of the Gremlins in the 1984 movie, Gremlins.

He was a gremlin that invaded Kingston Falls and it wore Mrs. Ruby Deagle's coat, curly red wig, feathered hat, white gloves and even applied lipstick to it's mouth and attached an earring to each ear; it also altered it's voice to try to sound more feminine, presumably just for the fun of it.

The fact that this gremlin wears Deagle's clothes and tries to speak like a woman hints at the fact that this is the one who who had killed Deagle, presumably stealing some of her belongings afterwards. It may have also been the one who had earlier growled, "Deagle, Deagle, Deagle, Deagle!" upon discovering her mansion. Remember, Gremlins are asexual, therefore, this gremlin is not really cross-dressing.


The Deagle Gremlin appeared at Dorry's Tavern along with the rest of the gremlins that were wreaking havoc there. The Deagle Gremlin sits next to Stripe who is playing poker and watches over the rest of the poker playing gremlins. Noticing how one of them has hidden a card behind his ears, whispers to Stripe and then watches how the latter shoots the cheater with a revolver and then laughs while the Deagle Gremlin cackles .

The Deagle Gremlin joined Stripe and the other Gremlins at the movie theater, where he presumably met his demise with the rest of the horde.

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