Dragon Lord Maliss
Dragon Lord Maliss is Lord Maliss's Dragon Form in "Happily Ever After".


This dragon is rather unusual, as it seems more bat-like than reptilian. The creature has a reddish brown tone (with a bright red crest and a spot on the stomach of the same color), as well as red eyes. Lord Maliss, an evil sorcerer, had the ability to take on this form, which he notably used to try to kidnap Princess Snow White. The transformation was a progressive morphing, and, although quick, the process was not instantaneous. During the final showdown between Snow White, the Dwarfettes and Maliss, Maliss attempted to turn into his dragon form (presumably to either attack them with his new physical abilities, or to flee through flight), but was petrified mid-transformation, leaving him as a grotesque statue with Maliss's body but the dragon's wings.

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