Experion was a hero but turned villain in Mighty Med.



Experion was a hero once, but turned to evil as working for The Annihilator. He tricked Skylar into to coming with him by saying he'd take her back to her home planet, but actually he was taking her to The Annihilator. Before she left, Oliver gave Skylar a necklace made of diamond, but she said she had preferred coal instead, that was a clue to Oliver and Kaz that she was in danger! Then Oliver and Kaz defeated Experion and saved Skylar.


  • Superhuman Agility - His agility is beyond normal humans.
  • Magnetokinesis - He is able to levitate metal via magnetic fields.
  • Gravitokinesis - He is able to manipulate gravity.
  • Paralysis Inducement - When the tips of his fingers turn purple, he can stun the victim, making him/her unable to move.
  • Disintegration - He can disintegrate objects even when levitating them.
  • Super Jump - He can jump at high distances.


  • He can't see in the dark, as no one on his planet can.
  • For an unexplained reason he turned evil and started working for The Annihilator.
  • He used to be Skylar's best friend.
  • His name sounds like Hyperion from Marvel Comics.
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