Flasher Gremlin
The first incarnation of the Flasher Gremlin appears behind the counter in Dorry's Tavern and flashes and scares Kate who is forced to serve the gremlins that are running rampant inside the bar. He was seen again at the movie theater where he laughs hysterically at the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and sings along. He is then seen as one of the gremlins chasing Billy, Kate and Gizmo as revenge for interrupting their movie going experience and as the theater explodes, he dies along with the rest of the gremlins.

In the second film, a similar gremlin (probably the reincarnation of the first one) appears in front of Kate, but this time she gets mad and kicks the gremlin away like she had done before, sending him flying and shouting. In the end, he was destroyed by the Electric Gremlin along with all the remaining gremlins.

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