Such a waste. But mark my words there will soon come a day when ROBOTS will not be treated unjustly!
~ Frax

Frax (voiced by Eddie Frierson) is a robot in the service of Ransik, responsible for constructing the army of robot minions that Ransik sends against the Time Force Power Rangers. A robot himself, he dislikes Ransik's belief that robots are inferior, as well as the mutant's habits of destroying his creations when he is angry. This rage goes unnoticed by Ransik for much of the series. Frax's arsenal consists of a claw arm that transforms into a hand-like missile launcher.

History Edit

Past Edit

It is later revealed that Frax is actually all that is left of Dr. Louis Fericks (portrayed by Jeff Griggs), the scientist from the future that attempted to heal Ransik of his poisoning by Venomark, a mutant criminal who was later captured and placed in the X-Vault. It was he that provided the serum that Ransik must consume regularly to combat the poison; Ransik destroyed his lab and left him for dead in return. Dr. Frax only survived by rebuilding himself into a robot. Frax harbours deep resentment against Ransik for this.

Betraying Ransik Edit

Later in the series, Frax discovers the X-Vault, where the worst prisoners are contained. He releases many of them without Ransik's approval, including Venomark (an action that particularly angers Ransik due to their past history). As a form of revenge, he destroys all of his serum and runs away from Ransik. He begins constructing massive robots, run on powerful Trizirium crystals from Mr. Collins' lab.

Frax's Demise Edit

In the finale, Frax is caught by Ransik with the aid of Gluto. Nadira, Ransik's daughter, comes to him after she begins to doubt her father's mission. Frax explains that the hatred and prejudice between humans and mutants is a vicious cycle, and he urges her to break it before being taken away and having his memory erased. He is then reprogrammed to obey only Ransik and to use his robot "Doomtron" to destroy his enemies. Wes is able to return and destroy Doomtron, killing Frax.


Trivia Edit

  • Frax's Super Sentai counterpart is Gien.
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