Hobgoblins 4

Some Hobgoblins together.

Hobgoblins are evil little creatures to first appear in "Hobgoblins".


The Hobgoblins are from Outer Space. They kill as many people as possible with their mind boggling powers. In the first film, they were blown up. In the second film, some survived. It is unknown what planet they are from, but they landed in one spaceship or so. They have similar laughs to Gremlins, they've got yellow eyes and grey fur. They Have a special ability to boggle minds also.

The Kill ProcessEdit

  1. They bring your most precious desire to life.
  2. In a short time, your desire turns against you.
  3. Your dead!

Also in the processes they read your mind at the same time, this is showed when a security guard named Dennis was on a stage, then... He Died.


Many Gremlins Fans think these creatures were a rip-off of gremlins.

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