Jafar is the main villain of the Disney movie "Aladdin".

He is the vizier of Agrabah and a powerful sorcerer. He wants to enter the Cave of Wonders to get the magic lamp and use its power to rule the world. But onlt those with a pure heart can enter the Cave, so he tricks Aladdin into getting it for him. However, before Aladdin can get out, the cave collapses, and he is trapped. However, he rubs the lamp to dust it off, and thus summons the Genie. He uses his first two wishes to get out of the Cave and become a prince so that Princess Jasmine will like him (however, when he finds out that Jasmine is looking for a good, innocent man and not just a prince, he reveals her his true identity). When Jafar finds out, he has his pet parrot Iago steal the lamp, and rubs it. He uses his first wish to become Sultan of Agrabah. He uses his second wish to become a Maya, one of the ancient wizard-gods. He has enormous powerrs, but Aladdin poiunts out that the Genie is still more powerful than him. Thus, he uses his thord wish to become a genie.However, he fails to realize that genies are bound to grant wishes for all eternity, and he is thus banished to a magic lamp.

In "The Return of Jafar", a thief named Bis Mal fins his lamp and rubs it. Jafar convinces to use his first wish to banish Aladdin and his friend to a far-off jungle, but they escape. He uses his second wish to wish for all of Arabia's wealth. Jafar wants Abis Mal to use his third wish to free him, but instead Abis Mal uses his third wish to become Sultan of Agrabah. Angry, Jafar gives up and tries to kill Aladdin by himselfd by opening up a crater and summoning lava, but Iago (who has reformed and became a good guy) throws his magic lamp into the lava, killing him. Abis Mal is thown into jail.

After that, he goes to Hell, where he meets the Lord of Hell, Hades. Jafar convinces Hades to bring him back to life so they can team up to defeat Hercules and Aladdin, but at the end the two heroes defeat the villains.

He is one of the guests in "House of Mouse" abd was the leader of the Disney villains in "House of Villains". He takes over Mickey's duties as the host of the House of Villains, while Captain Hook takes over Goofy's duties as the head waiter.

He appears in all three "Kingdom Hearts" games.

In "Kingdom Hearts", he uses the Heartless to steal the Genie's magic lamp. He uses Genie's magic to attack Sora, but Aladdin points out (again) that the Genie is more powerful than him, so he wishes to become a genie (again) and is banished to a magic lamp (again).

In "Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories", he somehow escapes the lamp and tries to use the Heartless to kill Aladdin and take over Agrabah, but at trhe end he is banished back to his lpamp.

In "Kingdom Hearts II", Pete finds the magic lamp, and rubs it to free Jafar, and thet team up to try to kill Sora, Goofy, Donald and Aladdin and take over Agrabah. At the end, Sora destroys the magic lamp, killing him.

Patrick Stewart wanted to voice Jafar, but he was busy with "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and thus was unable to do it. He says he is sad about that and would have loved to voice him.

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