Jaws the shark plays a similar role to his novel counterpart in the 1975 movie. At the start of the movie, Jaws seeking new hunting grounds attacks a young woman skinny dipping in the sea outside the island of Amity.

He later attacks a young boy at a beach a few days later, making Chief of Police Brody to do something about it. Jaws goes on the kill a few other sailors as the dead boys mother places a huge sum of money to whoever kills Jaws. Finally Brody with shark hunter Quint and shark expert Hooper go off to kill the shark. Like the novel, the first attempts to kill Jaws simply fail ,Quint is killed by Jaws and Hooper barely survives the shark by hiding among rocks on the ocean floor after trying to kill the shark in his diving suit while in a shark cage.

Brody manages to kill the shark by shoving a air tank into its mouth and shooting the tank making it blow up killing Jaws in the process.

Another Great White Shark returns in Jaws 2, which Brody thinks is another version of Jaws. In the following sequels the Brody family often have to save themselves from killer great white sharks.

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