Jojo the Klownzilla
Jojo the Klownzilla (also known as Jojo or Klownzilla) is the main villain in at the end of Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

When all seemed lost for Dave, Debbie and Mike, the two Terenzi Brothers crash through the wall in their ice cream truck and scare the klowns away. The trio join the brothers and attempt to get away, but Klownzilla comes down from the ceiling on marionette strings, and grabs and tosses the truck when it collides to the ground. It explodes presumably killing the brothers, then Klownzilla turns his attention towards Dave and Mike and Debbie runs for help and grabs Dave. After Mike and Debbie escape, Dave grabs his badge and uses the sharp point to stab Klownzilla's nose, killing him. The ship then flies off up into the sky where it explodes. When it looks all over, one of the klown kars lands on the ground and out pops Dave alive, as well with the terenzi brothers in the back seat also alive.

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