Kyurene was a humanoid vampire bat-like Youma summonded by Jadeite in order to drain energy in episode 6.

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After demonstrating his plans to Queen Beryl, Jadeite summoned his Youma Kyurene to infect a broadcasting studio of a recording company (Jam Records) with dark energy from a cassette tape. The cassette tape will infect any music recorded in the broadcasting studio with subliminal high frequency waves which would drain energy from anyone listening to the music. However, before she could play the tape, she was forced to hide after the head of the company’s recording team, Akiko Yanagi, took the tape, mistaking it for a demo tape from the jazz pianist Yusuke Amade. Enraged, the Youma stalked the woman with the intent on killing her to recover the tape. The Touma, still in hiding, followed Akiko and saw her pass the tape to Yusuke, who was waiting for her in the lobby of the recording company. Kyurene followed Yusuke in an alleyway and attempted to attack him to retrieve the tape, but he managed to escape before she could act. Kyurene reported to Jadeite in a dump site on the progress of her mission, with Jadeite threatening her with death if the tape was not recovered. In desperation, she eventually succeeded in retrieving the tape, attacking Yusuke in the parking garage of the music clubs he works at. Before Kyurene could kill him, Usagi and Luna interrupted her, witnessing Kyurene transform into her true Youma form before flying off back to the recording studio to complete her mission. Yusuke, Usagi and Luna followed Kyurene back to the recording company, where she put Akiko and her crew to sleep before attempting to infect a broadcasting studio. She was once again interrupted by the arrival of the three. Luna lunged at her, forcing her to drop the tape which skidded across the floor right into Usagi's hands. Kyurene again transformed into her Youma form and grabbed Akiko Yanagi in exchange for the cassette tape. Usagi then threw the tape in the air giving Yusuke Amade the opportunity to rescue Akiko. The tape was then grabbed by Luna who crushed it with her right paw. Distraught, Kyurene fled once again to an outdoor concert hall where she was confronted by Sailor Moon. Immediately, Kyurene attacked her, blasting sound waves from her wings. Sailor Moon retaliated by hurling a microphone at Kyurene as she made her second attack. The microphone amplified the sound waves from her attack causing large subwoofer speakers to blast the attack back at the Youma. The attack which backfired on Kyurene incapacitated her long enough for Sailor Moon to finally destroy her with her Moon Tiara Action.

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  • Kyurene is among the Youma that appear in Sailor Moon: Another Story.
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