Megahertz - Mighty Med

Megahertz is villain from Disney XD'Mighty  Med.

He's said to be Tecton's nemisis according to Kaz and Oliver mentioned in episode 1 of Mighty Med. Kaz also said that his real name is Leslie.


Megahertz is a half-human, half-titanium cyborg because of an accident that happened in an abandoned power station. Now he wreaks terror in cities from Tecton comic books. Alan reveals that Kaz and Oliver performed unauthorized surgery on Tecton. This led Megahertz to find Tecton immediately, believing that he was weak. To his, and all others' surprise, Tecton is perfectly fine after Kaz ripped the gold coin out of his chest. Kaz also helped Tecton to capture Megahertz using a STOP sign. As a souvenir, Kaz received a small chip from Megahertz, enabling the robot that Gus and Jordan built to fly and wow the rest of the class.


He is a hostile grunt who is bent on destroying his nemesis, Tecton.


  • High Voltage Electrokinesis - He is able to generate high-voltage electricity and is able to create things made ​​of pure electricity. Also he can make pure lightning from his hands. When his power levels are low, he needs to recharge.
    • Electrical Telekinesis - He is able to lift things with electricity and not harm them, as seen in Night of the Living Nightmare moving Kaz with electricity.
    • Electrokinetic Constructs - He can create solid objects with electicity, is demonstrated when he creates shackles and a cell for Oliver made of pure electric high voltage.
  • Cybernetic Weaponry - In Night of the Living Nightmare, he is shown to grow Robot Missile Launchers around his fists, like DC Comic's Cyborg. How he does this remains unknown, but may involve nanobots that grow and mold into any number of weapons and gadgets around Megahertz. (Though its possible he might not have this ability as he only showed it in Kaz's dream).


  • He may be a parody of DC's Metallo and Marvel's Electro. He can also be a parody of an evil version of DC's Cyborg or Marvel's Mandarin from 'Iron Man.
  • In real life, a Megahertz is a unit of electromagnetic wave frequency, which refers to Megahertz's electric powers.


  • Saving the People Who Save People
  • So You Think You Can Be A Sidekick
  • Night Of The Living Nightmare (In Kaz's Dream)
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