Nadira is Ransik's obnoxious daughter, who loves being told how beautiful she is. She would much rather run than fight, but when necessary, she can extend her fingernails to use as weapons, and fire a blaster which matches her outfit quite nicely. Nadira is obssessed with 21st century fashion, frequently stealing clothing and jewelry. Her liberation of a captured mutant usually serves her own materialistic needs.

While Nadira was fighting Trip in a boutique, a woman began to go into labor. Trip forced Nadira to help the woman deliver her baby, and she did so successfully. As she held the baby in her arms, Nadira had second thoughts about hating humans. After a talk with Frax, she was inspired to end the vicious cycle of hate, and from then on tried to convince Ransik to end his war against humans. Only when Nadira was accidentally injured by Ransik in a fight did Ransik listen to her.

Upon returning to the past, Nadira faced a more lenient punishment for her crimes. She was either incarcerated for only a short time, or placed in some kind of community service program, since she ended up working with children. When Ransik accompanied the Rangers to the past to help them fight the Mutorgs, Nadira went along as well.

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