Octoplant was a vain plant monster planted by Squatt and one of only two female monsters during the first season. Before hatching, her tentacles grew and strangledJason almost to the point of death. He was saved by the Rangers, but while they were being attacked by Goldar,Scorpina and the Putties, the plant grew into a full-formed monster. Immediately, Rita made her grow, and the Rangers called their Zords. They took some damage from the monster before forming the Megazord. The monster proved to be too powerful for them, as she used her tentacle to knock huge bouts of power out of the Megazord. The Rangers called for the Power Sword to try to turn the tide, and the monster suddenly got distracted when she gazed at her own reflection from a glass building. The Rangers took advantage of the opportunity, and struck Octoplant (who turned around and realized too late what awaited her) with the finishing blow from the Power Sword, immediately bringing about her destruction. After being struck by the Power Sword, she actually could be heard crying the whole time she was falling in defeat, as if she were mourning her own death, surprising because she had shown no emotion previously, but it makes more sense if you remember her vanity.

Notes Edit

  • Octoplant was female, but her counterpart Dora Narcissus was male.
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