Orcs.Lord of The Rings

A group of Orcs.

Orcs are a hostile species from the land of Mordor in Middle-Earth and appear as major antagonists in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series.

Orcs of The Hobbit SeriesEdit

A Dark Age began in the Second Age of the Sun when a dark form named the Necromancer appeared in Dol Guldur, an evil kingdom in Mirkwood. This Necromancer gathered to him numerous Orcs, and although many believed he was a Ringwraith or just a human, The Necromancer was revealed, through the efforts of Gandalf, who bravely went into Dol Guldur, to be the Maiar, Sauron, returned from the Downfall of Numenor. Sauron had regained all his former power. Dol Guldur attracted all the Ringwraiths, aka the Nazgul, and The Necromancer began his assault on Middle-earth.

Thorin Oakenshield had been driven from his kingdom of Esgaroth by Smaug the evil Dragon, and so Thorin made a bargain with Gandalf to reclaim it. They recruited the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins into stealing back their treasure, and arrived after many perilous adventures at the Lonely Mountain, and Smaug was eventually killed by the human Bowman Bard.

However, the Dwarves and Bilbo had run in with Orcs in the Misty Mountains, sheltering from Giants during a

storm, wherein Orcs captured them and were going to eat them upon realizing their allegiance with Elves, until Gandalf stepped in, killed the Great Goblin, and put out the lights with his magic, causing the Orcs to panic and go mad. The Dwarves and Bilbo fled, and they were pursued by Orcs. The Orcs caught up with them and they had to kill them. Bilbo was separated from the Dwarves in the chaos, and wound up finding the One Ring and putting the fate of Middle-earth in his hands.

Once they learned of Smaug's death, the Orcs were gleeful, and they plotted in their Headquarters, Mount Gungabad, to kill everybody at the Lonely Mountain. So they travelled underground, and by night, to the Mountain, where half of them were completely killed by the Elves. Then the Dwarves and the humans of Esgaroth also attacked, and this decimated more Orcs. They were joined by the Eagles and the human Beorn, who had taken on bear shape, and he killed their leader, Bolg. This put many Orcs shrieking to flight and they were hunted down by Elves and almost all the Orcs in the North died.

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