Waka Waka Bug - 1 - Pair of Kings

A Waka Waka Bug.

Waka Waka Bugs are on Pair of Kings on Disney XD.


Waka Waka Bugs are large insects that are like mosques, they also Sting when a person holds coconut lotion or cheese fingers. Which, if Stung gives you Waka Fever or the rare Moocoo Fever.

Waka FeverEdit

Waka Fever is not fatal and has a cure, you need to get stung again. The Symptoms are:

  • Bubble Butt - The 1st symptom of Waka Fever and makes your butt extremely large.
  • Elephant Ear - The 2nd symptom of Waka Fever and gives you one large ear.
  • Angry Amnesia - The 3rd symptom of Waka Fever makes you have Amnesia for a little while when it's happening, and makes you Angry.
  • Bug Eyes - The 4th symptom of Waka Fever, it makes you have really larger eyes until the next symptom.
  • Linguini Limbs - The 5th symptom of Waka Fever, it's makes involuntary to move any limb on your body for a short while
  • Pumpkin head - The 6th and final symptom of Waka Fever, for some time... Your head is a giant pumpkin (with your face)!

Moocoo FeverEdit

Moocoo fever make you unable to adjust your body temperature, in a rare case of this rare illness, the person who has it may have his or her's body parts morph into parts of a Waka bug. The only cure is if you drink some gel from the Waka Waka Queen if someone is in disguise and do the right dance to get the gel. If you dance the wrong moves, the Queen will bite the person's head off. When cured, the symptoms in the rare case of this illness, will go away in about a few days. If not cured, the person shall go in a 100 year sleep.

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