Wi-Fi - Mighty Med

Wi-Fi is a digital villain from Mighty Med. He can enter computers by turning molecular structures into their binary counterparts and transfer them to any digital screen.


He was released from his USB prison by tricking Kaz into entering the command to free him. He then trapped Kaz in the computer and began searching for the Mighty Med central computer, so he could steal all in the information and sell it to all the Supervillains. He also left a Virus that began deleting all the information on Oliver's computer, which would also delete Kaz. Oliver and Benny managed to free Kaz, but Wi-Fi arrived and possessed Titanio's armor forcing it to turn on them. After defeating the guards he left and entered the centeral computer, and began breaking down the firewalls. However he had also reprogramed Titanio's suit to keep attacking them. Kaz however managed to stop the suit, ant tricked him into entering Horace's computer then transferred him back to the USB prison.


  • Machine Overshadowing - It is shown to be able to inhabit and control technology he use this power to take possession of computers and other electronical devices, like the Titanio's suit. Also he can teleport through computers.
    • Electroportation - He is able to teleport when in computers through electricity.
  • Technological Imprisionment - He can put the others inside of computers.


  • Computer Knowledge - He knows everything about computers, able to take down firewalls in a matter of seconds. He also installed a virus on Oliver's laptop that threatened to erase Kaz.


  • His personality and physical appearance are similar to the DC villain Edward Nigma, a.k.a. The Riddler. He's extremely narcissistic, and self absorbed.
  • His powers are similar to The Living Laser from Marvel comics.
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