Lord Zedd's series of Putty Patrollers (referred to by fans as "Z Putty Patrollers", though never distinguished from last year's model in actual show dialogue) are a much stronger, nearly invulnerable form of basic troops.

History Edit

Upon arriving on the Moon and taking over the palace, one of Zedd's first orders of business was to replace the woefully inadequate Putty Patrollers previously used with a far enhanced breed. Created directly from Zedd's magic, these Putties were given life not by Finster's monster machine, but Zedd's own evil energies. These energies were infused directly into the Z emblem in their chest armor.

The scope of this power was such that the Rangers, even having morphed, were unable to do any damage to the Putties in their first attack. Zedd's new army would surely have beaten the Rangers, if not for Jason's accidental discovery that striking the Z emblem disrupted their power and caused them to explode into pieces. Following this discovery, Zedd's Putties became, if anything, even less effective than Rita's, as it was theoretically possible to defeat a Putty with a single blow, rather than gradually beating them into submission over a protracted fight. Even so, Zedd seemed unconcerned, or simply lacked imagination, and made no attempt to overcome this weakness.

The Putties were kept in use without any changes until the introduction of the Tenga Warriors. The Z Putty Patrollers were not seen again until In Space where a few were present with Rita and Zedd at the UAEbanquet and fighting the Gold Ranger in the episode Countdown to Destruction.

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